Level Up Business Pitch

About the event

Level Up Business Pitch was a one-day event that took place on 23rd January 2019, Wednesday. The purpose of the event was to allow investors and new projects to meet. For the event, there were a total of seven project speakers, presenting their project ideas exclusively to the investors and guests. This platform not only enabled investors to talk face-to-face with project speakers, but it also gave the projects an opportunity to pitch their ideas to the investors and answer any questions and qualms that the investors may have. The event created the opportunity for networking and liberal communication between investors and project speakers.

About the project speakers

There was a total of seven project speakers who were given the opportunity to present their creative and enthralling projects. During this time, each project speaker was able to introduce their projects through their energetic and dynamic presentation. After each presentation, there was a question-and-answer session that gave investors the chance to clarify any queries.


Dexon was represented by Sherry Wu, the project management director of Dexon. Ms. Wu gave a sterling presentation on the project. The project was focused on empowering the decentralized future by means of the next generation DApps ecosystem. This begins with the infinitely scalable, low-latency, and energy-efficient DEXON blocklattice technology. After the presentation, there was an engaging Q&A session that allowed Ms. Wu to further elaborate on the project.


Vivachain was represented by Hyo Jin Lee, the director of Vivachain. The presentation kick started with a spirited and exhilarating video that featured the main product of the project, the world’s first accelerating gear for bicycles. The technology converts the information in the real world into a digital world using various sensors. The product allows for connectivity as well as big data to be collected and analyzed.


CitiOS presentation focused on IOT data globally to monetize the true potential of smart cities. Their product was an exceptional street light that allowed for cutting-edge AI CCTV (closed-circuit television) System which is powered by the “most efficient and advanced solar panels in the world.” CitiOS street lights is able to record digital evidence that is of tremendous importance in case of crimes, accidents and others. CitiOS blockchain provides a permission-based access with accountability, tamper-proof storage & auditable in case of legal mitigation. In addition to their invigorating presentation, Takaro Harada, CEO of CitiOS, demonstrated the project live that left the investors impressed.


Membersheep was represented by Martyna Basara, Project Manager of Membersheep. Membersheep is a blockchain e-commerce platform. They also have their own cryptocurrency coin, Sheep coin. Sheep coin is designed for the international wholesale marketplace ‘Membersheep’. After coin generation, millions of the Membersheep orders will be traded with Sheep coins. The animated delivery of the project speaker caught the attention of interested investors. Additionally, the members of the Membersheep were dressed in Membersheep shirts that sent a spirited and zestful vibe to the audience.

World Trip Singapore

World Trip Singapore, WTS for short, was represented by Guy Tan, COO of WTS. The project centered on connecting travelers and tour guides to create unforgettable travel experiences. The project speaker, Mr. Tan, mentioned that he himself was an avid traveler who has travelled to more than 75 countries. As such, his enthusiastic and genuine presentation captivated the audience. Additionally, during his presentation, he incorporated a short game about Singapore travel sites that galvanized the audience into participation. Towards the end of the presentation, he demonstrated how to browse through the website and this visual aid helped give the audience a clearer idea of the project.


Fvtura was represented by Giannandrea Giammanco, CEO of Fvtura. He introduced his investment marketplace and fundraising platform. This platform helps to build trust, create value and raise funds.

Venture Capital Network

Venture Capital Network, VCN, was represented by Janet Lee, CEO of VCN. She presented on Double Growth Opportunities LLP. This investment is to seek medium growth by exploring crypto investment with capital preservation investing into two non-related asset classes. After her presentation, Ms. Lee introduced Mr. Royal Pek, head portfolio manager of Queen Crypto Boost fund and Mr. Francios Zhang, CEO of Enki Capital Bridge Loans, who presented respectively on the details of the fund structure. For Queen fund it is investing into aglo trading for major crypto currency with suitable tactical strategy targeting to achieve ROI of 30% to 50%pa. Whereas Enki Capital is a loan provider to lend out bridge loans (secured) to property developer backed by the properties with a contracture returns of 10%pa or better. Thus the combination of two gave investors a better buffet to the volatility at the same time exploring for higher returns in crypto investment up to 50%pa or more.

Concluding comments

Overall, the entire event was successful. Prior to the commencement of the event and after the event ended, many investors and project speakers continued to mingle and associate forming strong networks. This light yet insightful event allowed for enjoyable and engaging conversations between investors, project speakers and others who were present. We look forward to such remarkable events in the future that provide the necessary platform to connect investors and new projects.

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