interviews Janet Lee, Venture Capital Network “Accept, Learn and Adopt Blockchain” Hi Janet, nice to meet you finally. Good to put a face to your name. Can you give a brief introduction of yourself? 

Janet: Hi, I am Janet Lee. The CEO and founder of Venture Capital Network. VCN is a Singapore based investment and capital management company. Also, into listings advisory & fundraising for qualified projects that meet our due diligence criteria.

VCN is constantly expanding and reaching out to investors globally to build up our investor’s network. We are into marketing of crypto hedge funds and our own VC investment fund. We do equities deals, IPO/ICO placements and alternative investments being in the capital market space for past 20+ years for myself. The experience from my previous employment with UOB and securities market with Phillip Securities , Westcomb Securities & OCBC Securities did help me to pave the way into what I am doing today. Can you tell us more about VCN and it’s business objectives?

Janet: The name of our investment opportunity is called VCN Double Growth Opportunities LLP. The main objective of this project is to help new crypto investors to embark on crypto investment with mitigated risks. It seeks medium growth by exploring crypto investment with capital preservation investing into two non-related asset classes. Half of the portfolio is into algo trading on crypto and the other half is into secured bridge loans backed by properties.

This investment is structured with a contractual return of minimum 10% pa or better up to 50% and beyond depending on the market conditions. The more volatile the market the better the returns which is the unique feature of this aglo trading with proven track record of over 50% in the recent past 6 months tradings. What are your views on the current crypto and blockchain market?

Janet: I think that the crypto market is at the consolidation stages. However, once the regulator has finalised all the guidelines and the definitions, the market will be back to normal. Of course, only the good projects will continue to thrive and flourish with double or triple digits returns.

My opinion of Blockchain is that it is a good internet plus technology with added features to the Internet cyber space. It is much more secured, yet transparent and decentralised. It is especially good in connecting people closer to each other as well as selected industries, particularly in Fintech. It is a technological revolution by the millennials. Who knows, in the centuries to come, there could be something new again to take over Blockchain. Come what may, we need to be able to accept, learn and adopt this new technology. Only then will mass adoption occur eventually. Last but not least, can you provide a quote for the readers? 

Janet: I strongly believe that Blockchain is a new technology that will disrupt many industries and it is here to stay for a long time. I would encourage everyone to Embrace Blockchain, Embrace Innovation! Thanks for your time. Let’s embrace Innovation!