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The CryptoHawk AI Algo

The deep learning machine model was developed by a team of experienced traders and engineers led by Artificial Intelligence solution pioneer Thiery Hubert. This algorithm has been designed to provide investors with powerful yet easy to follow Bitcoin and Ethereum price predictions that are consistently improving as the algorithm learns from previous predictions and adapts to new data and market forces.

This proprietary algorithm continuously processes massive amounts of data at a high speed, and mimics the perception, learning, problem-solving, and decision-making capabilities of professional traders. Unlike humans, machine learning performs better as the amount of data increases and is further trained and adjusted to improve accuracy over time.

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Alternative Investment

Digimax Global is a technology company committed to unlocking the potential of disruptive technologies by providing advanced financial, predictive, and cryptocurrency solutions across various industries and verticals. Introducing Digimax Global Long/Short Crypto Fund. Contact us for more info.

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